Located in the historical and culturally rich Fullerton Waterboat House, Matera is Bjoern Alexander’s latest manifestation of modern Italian cuisine. It invites all to journey through Italy’s elements in an enclave of fine food and wine that borrows from the rich colours, ambience, water, and architectures of Italy.

Chef Bjoern taps into the wholesome rustic flavours of Italian cuisine and transforms them for the new age of fine dining by means of progressive and creative recipes fused with Asian influences of Japanese and Chinese. Taste and texture are then perfected through modern techniques and clean, precise plating for an artistic take on cuisine that treats both the eyes and the palate. Heritage connects the dots between the food that is served and the land that grows it, reminding every diner of the importance of authenticity.

Expect unique and captivating flavours that will tantalise your taste buds and leave a lasting impression.